Viet Nguyen

Software architect & developer. For last 12 years I've designed and implemented cloud-native systems for enterprises with high demand for reliability and cost efficiency.

First full-fledged kids banking in East Europe

I led the development & architecture design for the first full-fledged kids' financial bank (6-14yo users), developed by 5 Agile teams. Our mission was to nurture financial literacy from a young age.

Alfa Bank

◦ Led product discovery and development of internal PaaS that manages dev/test/prod environments and delivery automation. Decreased new projects bootstrapping time from weeks to minutes.
◦ Implemented core automation for clusters bootstrapping. Includes monitoring, logging, service discovery with zero downtime deployments.
◦ Designed and implemented the first blockchain apps in the bank using Ethereum Smart Contracts.
◦ Implemented backends for retail and SME banking using microservices approach.
◦ Led training for devs and ops to spread DevOps culture. Led internal Java community.

Megafon bank

I was a founding developer for a financial bank re-implementation team. I designed architecture, built core components, set engineering processes, and managed developers. Our mission was to make the most comfortable financial bank for telecom users.